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Skin Treatments 

To help take the guess work out of what skin treatments are right for you, we have outlined below a summary of each treatment. We do recommend you speak to your therapist about a treatment plan to best suit your individual needs. Once we have analysed your skin we can offer suggestions based on your needs and budget.


Carbon facial

A laser facial for most skin types, especially acne prone, or ageing skin. 

Benefits - reduces texture, reduces appearance of enlarged pores, detoxifies skin, reduces blackheads and acne, stimulates natural collagen production, plumps the skin.

Instant results with little to no downtime. 


Skin Needling

This procedure uses small needles to create micro-channels in the skins surface which triggers a wound healing response. This will speed up skin cell turnover to create an anti-ageing effect, as well as reduce pigmentation, repair scarring and rejuvenate the skin. 

This treatment requires aftercare, you will experience redness for up to 48 hours, results are seen over time and peak 28 days posts treatment. 

Not suitable for clients with active acne or breakouts.


or buy 6 for $1200


A very popular skin treatment for most skin types. Using a diamond tip to deeply clean and exfoliate the skin. 

Benefits - removes dead skin, reduces black heads, smooths and rejuvenates the skins surface. 

Minimal downtime. Not suitable for sensitive skin or those with active acne or breakouts. 


or buy 5 for $300 

Skin Peels

We offer 3 types of chemical peels depending on your skin type which we will assess at your appointment. Unlike microdermabrasion, peels work beyond the skins surface to draw out impurities. They can be an effective treatment for acne and break outs, as well as fighting the signs of ageing, and reducing pigmentation. 

You may experience dryness post treatment, and possibly some flaking or peeling of the skin for approx 4 days. Before and aftercare products are required to ensure your skin is prepped for the treatment. 

AHA micro peel $75

Peel accelerator $75

Ageless Peel $120

We also provide IPL skin treatments which are listed on our laser treatment menu 

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